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I rarely write or post on social media anymore; Our lives seem to get more and more complicated every day, and time is scarce. Today, however, is a day I am especially grateful for. Today this amazing, beautiful, strong, brilliant woman celebrates her birthday. Yet, there is no gift I could ever give her for this occasion, that would even come close to the gift she gives me every morning when she continues to choose to be by my side. She is an amazing mother, wife, woman, friend, role model, person…. she is my Ambassador of Perfection, of peace, love, joy, and my lucky charm. I have had the privilege of being by her side for 27 days like today. Even when some of those days were in secret, or involved 007 style tactics to find her on days when we were “on breaks,” like Ross, there was always something that made me need her. Even when I was too dumb to realize it, higher powers always brought us together, and the highest power has kept us strong even through the worst storms. In the best of times, she has been my partner in crime. In the toughest times, she is what has kept me strong and given me hope. There is no me without her. Honey, the kids and I are blessed, in so many ways, to have you in our lives. We love you; I love you. Happy Birthday. Thank you, for letting me tell you that, for 27 birthdays. Here’s to the next 27+. @carolynroca

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